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Whether you've identified a skills shortage, need to improve efficiency or want to innovate and grow, we'll help you create a better-qualified, more productive workforce with the skills and drive to succeed.

Benefits of apprenticeship training:

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We have been approved as a 'Main Provider' on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).
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We deliver apprenticeships to employers that will pay the apprenticeship levy.
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Employers that pay the apprenticeship levy will be given a 10% top-up by the Government.
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Employers will lose their allocated funding, which will be given to others, if they do not use it.
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All our teaching staff are qualified tutors & assessors with recognised professional qualifications.
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We value the years of industry experience our staff have gained in the fields they teach.
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❝My tutor was helpful & supportive❞
❝A friendly & patient assessor❞
❝First-rate teaching❞
❝Committed to me qualifying❞
❝Very professional organisation❞
❝Value for money? Certainly❞
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Training Needs Analysis

We will examine the nature of your business then tailor courses to your specific needs.

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Workplace Training

Apprentices learn their trade while working, ensuring their skills match your practises.

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Up-to-date Skills

Employee's skills kept current, in keeping with industry standards and best practice.