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NOCN Advanced Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care (Adults)

Mode of Attendance: Full Time
Fee: £ 2000
Course Length: 1 Year

Why should I study this course?

This is the required qualification for working in the health and social care sector in England. Learners will gain knowledge of the day-to-day living needs of adults, supporting their emotional and physical care. Subject areas include duty of care, safeguarding and protection, equality and inclusion, care for adults with dementia, communication, confidentiality and handling information, health and safety, and personal development in a health and social care setting. This qualification includes a general pathway, or specialist pathways for working with adults with learning disabilities or dementia.

How is the course assessed?

The main way of proving competence is by direct observation in a real work setting. Activities can also be simulated. Expert witness testimony is used as an assessment method. Learners who have completed the NOCN Level 2 Diploma in Health & Social Care (Adults) for England (QCF) can use it as evidence for some Units in this qualification. This will be collected in a Portfolio of Evidence. Learners will be supported by a qualified tutor/assessor who will be a subject specialist.

How many hours of study are there?

If studying part time, learners will usually meet with one of our tutors/assessors for an hour every three weeks. If full time, they will meet for an hour every week. This is to teach using the latest technology, equipment and learning techniques; carry out assessments; ensure the course criteria is being met; give feedback; and agree on how to proceed.

How do I progress with this qualification?

Once gained learners can progress to Level 4 in Management for Health and Social Care, or take a Degree in a relevant subject at numerous Universities. Or they could use it to start working effectively as a care worker, support worker and various other job roles within the health and social care sector.

What are the entry requirements?

Learners will need to have GCSEs or a relevant Level 2 Diploma to take this course. Our NOCN Level 2 Diploma in Health & Social Care (Adults) for England (QCF) is particularly recommended as it counts towards Units on the Level 3 course. Learners will need to show competence in health and social care skills so will need to work in a health and social care setting.

Should I do any other courses at the same time?

Consider a short specialist course in First Aid or Emergency First Aid.