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Introduction to Website Programming

Mode of Attendance: Part Time
Fee: £ 450
Course Length: 5 x 2 hours of teaching lessons

Give your website the 'Wow Factor!'

Do fun and interesting things with your website! JavaScript makes things move, flash, appear and disappear, and get bigger and smaller on web pages - all the great stuff!

This short introductory course explores JavaScript basics.
(JavaScript has nothing to to with the Java programming language, the Indonesian island, or the coffee).

What will I do and learn?

If you've never used a programming language before, that's fine. You'll get to know common terms like echo, loop, else and variable. At the end of the ten teaching hours you'll be able to write simple code.

jQuery simplifies JavaScript and you'll use this for most of the amazing effects on your website.

Don't worry! This is a fun, relaxed course you'll enjoy. "No tests, no pressure".

Get things done with PHP

PHP is a workhorse language mainly used for transferring information from websites into databases. When you fill in an online form and click 'Send', PHP sends off the data. We'll tell you the very basics. It doesn't matter if you find it a bit dry, we'll give you commonly used code you can put straight into your website.